Providing the community a directory of mental health connections and resources.

RecoveryKonnects is a primal. data initiative to map resources for mental health. Our research told us that there is a dire need for a comprehensive list of resources for individuals trying to maneuver through the complicated maze of available information. We exist to change that now.

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Our Mission

To promote and connect families to important and often time-sensitive data. Families, non-profit organizations, and mental health, healthcare, and human services providers will now have access to an interactive, first-of-its-kind, specialized mapping software.


The virtual support is non-demographic and for all users, regardless of their location.

Awesome Design

The search is easy-to-use, ideal for individuals, families, and advocates alike.

Mapped for You

Resources are mapped down to the address of each mental health service provider. We also only map the non-profits or providers that the user physically visits. Much of our non-profit data is virtual support.

Our Vision

To foster increases in meaningful connection rates using master lists of specific data points. IDKonnects provides only data from the existing expert sources, for the appropriate life stage, and according to the needs of each user.


The located support users need is searched through your specific area of services available.

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